Our story

began in the North of Italy in 1891


The tradition of Marzano Caffè started in 1891 when the founder Luigi Marzano, in his early twenties, had the courage to emigrate to Brazil with his family to follow his dream of a better future. When he started working in the coffee plantations, he fell in love with the world of coffee and in a short time, from being a simple labourer, he became a great expert in the selection and roasting of premium coffee beans.


Return to Italy


The first shop


“great bar, open all night”



Luigi’s 2 sons gave a new purpose to the company business, especially Raffaele who took over the management of the coffee roasting following his father’s footsteps. The 1920’s inspired design of the brand, which dates back to that period, soon became known everywhere as a symbol of quality. In 1958 Marzano Caffè was the official sponsor of the Brazilian football team during the world cup.


brand of the flower generation


A brand with a vision


A huge disaster


Marzano Caffè is reborn

The Marzano family tradition gets it’s rebirth, with Luigi’s great grandson relaunching the Marzano Caffè brand. Respecting it’s old traditions and dedication to quality, whilst embracing the modern progressive views of today. 130 years after its foundation, Marzano Caffè launches it’s new premium espresso blend with wit, style, sophistication and few fucks given.

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our rich history is obviously imagined, but our ‘21 Coffee-Reload uprising is very real

Despite everything you read and see, life for many is good.

And yet, privilege and plenty has made us apathetic and vulnerable to fake news

In 2020 we’ve been forced to hit ‘pause’

It’s time to smell the coffee and wake up.

skipping the present, to reconsider yourself, your tribe and your voice

Join the ’21 Coffee-Reload Counter Culture

Wit, style, sophistication and few fucks given

Change starts small, with shots of ‘un caffè’

Drink it up, stir it up and demand better

The Roaring Twenties is here

Marzano Caffè

Coffee – like culture – has become, at best bland, at worst, sickly.

Join the ’21 Coffee-Reload counter culture

Drink ‘un caffè’, not the kool aid, and time travel with Marzano Caffè to reset society’s course.