Our coffee

Our coffee

Life is too short for bad coffee and that's why we’re passionate as hell about our Marzano Caffé blend. You’ll find it’s a stand out, not only because of its amazing North Italian coffee flavour, but also because it's a wonderful base for all your coffee drinks…except the drinks that shouldn’t be consumed by any self respecting coffee lover.


Our superior Marzano Caffè uses only the finest Arabica green coffees from the best selected origins. From both Brazil (Catuai) and Guatemala (Bourbon), these are micro-lots of highly unique, specialty coffees, produced in accordance with the highest standards of excellence. Anything but ordinary, grown in harmony with the land and with great respect for those who cultivate it, our beans were chased down for our Marzano Caffè espresso blend, perfect for both coffee-lovers and coffee connoisseurs.



Amsterdam is a city of innovation and our roaster is quite the artist. Our beans are medium roasted with a progressive mindset steeped with Italian espresso tradition and experience. With craftsmanlike care, each origin is individually roasted, slowly and gently, so that our coffees best express their distinctive traits before they are carefully blended together.



This is the coffee of memories, of film stars, of an age we could frankly do with more of today. Marzano Caffè premium espresso blend is our modern interpretation of the typical espresso style found in the north of Italy. Notice the crema structure that is perfectly brown, firm and abundantly present? Our Marzano Caffè premium espresso blend delights with a strong and balanced nutty, chocolatey sweetness and a very mild brightness. There’s style, sophistication and a sardonic spirit and taste in every serve and a long end note that reminds you that this is the coffee you deserve every day.