Seven Questions with @EP_Caffe

Seven Questions with @EP_Caffe

The 2020 COVID pandemic and the subsequent global lockdown, has ignited the passion for good coffee at home across the world. ‘Seven Questions with’ is a series of interviews with people we from Marzano Caffè have met on social media who are passionate about coffee and we talk about their coffee journey and what drives their passion for the art of making the perfect cup.

Tell us about yourself. Who are you and what do you do in life?

My name is Eleonora Pirovano (, I am 31 years old and I have always been a very curious and fickle girl, always looking for new stimuli and novelties. This characteristic of mine has allowed me to have many experiences that have enriched me on a personal level, but in some cases it has also penalised me. I would start something and immediately change it, start another and again another, without any sense or connection. But in all these experiences, there has always been one constant. Coffee. So I decided to channel my desire for novelty and research into this wonderful world, initially only as a seller of raw coffee, today there are many projects in this area :) such as my brand of EPCaffe, a product that sees quality as a fundamental element. 

How did you discover your passion for coffee?

I was born into coffee. Daughter of a great master. My father, who has always done this job with an admirable passion. He loved what he did and that was his strength.

What was it that made you decide to get serious about making coffee?

When you are born into something, everything is normal for you and many times you cannot see things from the right perspective, so you search and search without realising that what you were desperately looking for was there before your eyes. And that's when what has always been a friendship suddenly turned into love. So I decided that this was my job.

How did the COVID pandemic influence you and your coffee journey?

At first, not being able to work destabilised me, but then I stopped for a moment and said to myself: OK, that's how things are and there's nothing you can do about it, use this time to control yourself. So I decided to take coffee training courses and together with my boyfriend we built a small coffee bar to roast, experiment and taste coffee at home. And that's when the desire to create my own blend and my own product was born. After various tests and experiments I found the right recipe!

What is your favorite method of brewing coffee recipe and why?

I am a Moka Pot lover. Classic Moka, globe Moka, syphon. Moka for me is tradition. Moka is home. I also love to prepare a nice filter coffee, maybe on Sunday morning, with all the calm in the world, I grind my coffee (and the smell already makes me happy), I prepare everything I need and then I enjoy the slow and quiet extraction of the filter, just as I love to enjoy it, once ready, on Sunday morning.

If you can go back to when you just started with coffee, which advice would you give to yourself?

To learn as much as possible from those who had a lot to teach me and to be less stubborn.

Where will your coffee journey take you next?

I hope to go to Guatemala around December. Another trip I'd like to do is Vietnam, I'm really curious about it.

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  • H. Jansen

    Vietnam you surely must do. A strong Vietnamese coffee every morning made my day!! Amazing country with lots of nice restaurants. Coffee in the street is even 300% better than most coffee in the Netherlands.

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